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Unlike a regular medical aid that provides members with a 'reactionary' cover, the i360 Health Protector Plan™ offers an action plan that endeavours to prevent and manage disease, guiding and teaching the member how to achieve a complete health recovery turnaround status – called i360 Life™. Cover premiums include monthly i360 Medi-Pharma™ products to assist and maintain optimum health.


The i360 Health Protector Plan™ is not a medical scheme. It is not a medical aid. It is a healthcare plan that will protect a member's health through preventative prescription methodology, scientific instructions and guidelines via the i360 Medi-Tech™ platforms, and continued checks and tests via our network of health centers, clinics, labs and hospitals.

Clients will receive i360 Medi-Pharma™ Life products matching their health profile as part of their i360 Health Protector Plan™ program. The range of products will expand to offer even more comprehensive member health protection in future through an i360 Medi-Rx™ personalised nutrition systems program. These products are unique in their formulations and application as part of the i360 Healthcare™ program, with extensive scientific and clinically aligned support. Products will be made available at participating outlets, pharmacies, hospitals and clinics.

If the entire family joins they will qualify for 20% discount on monthly premiums.

Through dedicated research and cooperation with leaders in the scientific community, we keep on expanding and adding new products to our list to optimise the benefits of the i360 Healthcare™ program.


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