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Transforming Healthcare.

The i360 Health Protector Plan™ identified key opportunities in the Healthcare industry, that will transform the way healthcare is delivered to you. One of the main objectives is to strengthen the member's health status, prevent disease, lower the overall cost of medical and health care in South Africa and the rest of the world. To realize this vision, a totally new approach had to be adopted of how your health is managed, and how medical and health care services are delivered. The i360 Health Plan™ is the new era in medical technology, social entrepreneurship and fourth industrial revolution, this online platform enables i360 Health Life™ to utilize its i360 Medi-Web™ API based systems to 'diagnose', 'instruct' and 'achieve' it's objectives. 

These products are unique in their formulations and application in the market today, with extensive scientific and user proven support. Products will be made available at participating outlets, pharmacies, hospitals and clinics.


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