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Cancer Survivor | Heidi Stassen

I started using this product 48 days ago and simply have to share my story and these amazing results! 


Firstly I must mention that I am a cancer survivor. Despite being in 100% remission for 8 years already, I sadly suffered serious consequences from the cancer treatments and the metrotoxade (which is a chemo tablet) I used as a chronic medication. 


My liver and lymph system was affected due to the chemicals used to treat me resulting in over-chemical exposure & nearly cost me my life in 2011/12. I developed intolerances for any chemical medication including cortisone, potassium di-chloride, and antibiotics and as a result, developed an auto-immune system problem that affected my skin with severe dehydration and inconsistent/deformed skin cell growth. I would wake up with sores, cuts, and bruises on my skin for no apparent reason. At times I had to be hospitalized for vital organ failure  & severe inflammation as a direct result of the trauma to the skin. (which is our body's largest organ) I also lost ALL my hair in 2012. 


The healing process started 3 years ago when we started with a complete change in lifestyle in order to rebuild the immune system from scratch as that of a newborn baby, starting with fresh products, fruits, vegetable and purified water & rooibos tea only. I had to first clear the system completely and help the liver to detox through diet and a healthy lifestyle. I slowly started introducing different food products like dairy meat and grains over a long period of time but the permanent damage to my skin remained with scars and marks in my face and entire body there as a permanent reminder of this ordeal. One area on my right arm remained permanently scared to the extent where I would not wear short sleeved clothing out.


Today, after 48 days of using Bio Active Collagen Plus I can see remarkable results not only in my face & my right arm but also on the skin over my entire body. I have more energy and definitely far fewer aches & pains in the areas.

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Daleen Erasmus  Oct 16, 2018

" Ek het ook die produk begin gebruik.Ek was 5jr terug in n motorongeluk met baie breuke het daagliks met pyn geloop en het pynpille alles probeer net pyn ligter gemaak.Ek die produk begin gebruik en drink dit nou al vir 2 weke daar net een woord wonderlike produk.Het minimale pyn loop beter voel weer lus vir die lewe rerig n wonderlike produk wat werk "

Translated to English

"I also started using the product. I was in a car accident 5 years ago and suffered many fractures and had pain every day and took pain pills to make pain easier. I started using the product for 2 weeks now, only one word - wonderful product. I have minimal pain, I feel much better and back to enjoying life again, a wonderful product that works"

Please contact Chantal Pretorius for more info, Agent 082 415 0965

Rosa Jacobs  Oct 18, 2018

" Ek is 50 jaar oud en sukkel met rumatiek in my knieë al vir meer as 20 jaar . Dit was so erg dat ek met moeite in die oggende opgestaan het en kon ook glad nie trappe klim nie. As ek eers gesit het ook was dit moeilik om op te staan.


Sowat 6 maande terug het ek gelees van die produk op Facebook en het besluit om dadelik daarin te belê in die hoop dat dit my mobiliteit sou verbeter. Ek speel ook muurbal en uit die aard van die saak het dit ook so erg geword dat ek dit moes opgee. Na slegs een maand het ek ‘n aansienlike verskil begin voel. Ek het veel makliker opgestaan in die oggende en my knieë het nie meer so gepyn soos in die verlede nie. Ek klim ook veel makliker trappe en loop met baie meer gemak.


Nie net is die pyn beter nie, maar my naels en hare groei so vinnig dat ek dit elke ¾ weke moet laat doen waar ek voorheen 5/6 weke kon uithou. Ek slaap ook rustiger en dit voel of ek meer energie het.


Hierdie is werklik ‘n fantastiese produk en dit smaak heerlik. 


Ek sal dit aanbeveel vir almal wat ‘n pyn of skeet het want dit is werklik ‘n “miracle”-behandeling. Om op my ouderdom soveel beter te voel is voorwaar fantasties."

Translated to English

" I am 50 years old and have been struggling with rheumatism in my knees for more than 20 years. It was so bad that I got up early in the morning and could not climb stairs at all. When I first sat it was hard to get up.


About 6 months ago I read the product on Facebook and decided to invest immediately in the hope that it would improve my mobility. I also play squash and because of the nature of the matter it also became so bad that I had to give up. After only one month, I felt a significant difference. I got up much easier in the morning and my knees did not hurt as much as in the past. I also climb many easier stairs and walk with much more convenience.


Not only is the pain better, but my nails and hair grow so fast that I have to do it every three weeks, where I could last for 5/6 weeks. I also sleep more calmly and feel like I have more energy.


This is truly a fantastic product and it tastes delicious.


I would recommend it to anyone who has a pain or an ailment, because it's really a "miracle" treatment. To feel so much better at my age is truly fantastic."

For more info please contact - Chantal Pretorius, Agent 082 415 0965


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Individual results will vary.

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