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  • The i360 Health Protector Hospital-Cover™ Plans 

  • i360 Medi-Pharma™ and i360 Medi-Rx™ 

  • Monthly i360 Medi-Pharma™ prescribed disease and health management metabolic intervention products, safe pre-and-post hospitalisation

  • i360 Start-Up Test™ followed by i360 Blood-Test™ six (6) months later, repeated every six months during the program

  • Hospital cover for up to 10 annual hospitalizations (up to 6 months total stay period) and unlimited if required

  • The i360 Health™ program has a continuous online presence on the i360 website (i360.online) and through a dedicated and personalized i360 Life-Mobile™ presence to each registered member

  • The initial registration process to join the i360 Health™ program is easy and happens online. Then there is a brief member’s health assessment, to check disease markers to diagnose specific initial health risks. The i360 Blood-Test™ intervention will follow six months later

  • The i360 Medi-Analytics™scientifically developed health algorithm then assesses each individual member’s health condition and shows the individual’s health status on the i360 Life-Mobile™ API. This system will then monitor each member’s health progress made over time and between the 6 months i360 Blood-Test™ testing period. The system will prescribe an i360 Medi-Pharma™ and i360 Medi-Rx™ pharmaceutical product accordingly, using the i360 Web-Medi™ API and its unique artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities - called i360 Web-Medi Analytics™

  • The i360 Health™ program is designed to improve and lengthen the individual’s state of healthy living and includes specific hospital cover for acute medical assistance, whereby hospitalization costs are covered should the members require admission – the members are thus provided both the health i360 Medi-Pharma™ and i360 Medi-Rx™ restoration & maintenance products, as well as hospital cover through their i360 Health Protector Hospital-Cover™ and do not need any further hospital cover products

  • In our dedicated and growing network of i360 Life-Clinics™ and Associate Clinics, the processes of registration, i360 Medi-Pharma™ and i360 Medi-Rx™ delivery, ongoing medical assessment and further preventative and treatment processes continues

  • The regional i360 Life Medical™ and Hybrid Health Centers, which shall incorporate dedicated i360 Medi-Network™ facilities 

  • A continuous online presence through a dedicated i360.online website and personalized and secured i360 Life-Mobile™ API to each registered member

  • All membership applications will be managed electronically and be totally automated via the i360 Life-Mobile™ API presence on the i360.online website

  • Members will receive health guidelines and encouragement to reach their i360 Life status via the i360 Life-Mobile™ and i360.online website

  • Members will have real-time access to meaningful information regarding their health status


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