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Health Recovery Protector Plan.

The i360 Health Protector Plan™ is not a medical scheme. It is not a medical aid. It is a health care plan that will protect a member's health through preventative prescription methodology, scientific instructions and guidelines via the i360 Medi-Tech™ platforms, and continued checks and tests via our network of health centers, clinics, labs and hospitals. Unlike a regular medical aid that provides members with a 'reactionary' cover, the i360 Health Protector Plan™ offers an action plan to prevent and manage disease, guiding and teaching the member how to achieve a complete health recovery turnaround status – called i360 Life™

Clients will receive i360 Medi-Pharma™ Life products matching their health profile as part of their i360 Health Protector Plan™ program. The range of products will expand to offer even more comprehensive member health protection in future through an i360 Medi-Rx™ personalised nutrition systems program. 


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