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The goal is to encourage clients to improve their general state of health through compliance with the prescribed methodology of the various i360 Health Protector Plans™ to ultimately reach their Total Health Turnaround Goal - called i360 Life™ Status. The i360 Program™ represents a state of 100% health that every person should obtain and subsequently maintain through the i360 Health Protector Program™, it will continue to offer support, diagnose and prescribe preventative health care guidelines all year round. 

Monthly premiums will include i360 Medi-Pharma™ Life products. The i360 Health Protector Plans™ offer different levels of protection and cover for acute medical assistance and hospitalization. The i360 Health Protector Hospital Cover™ Plan, Medical Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum will be a lifesaver in case members need emergency care or hospitalization through a network of health centres, hospitals and clinics with specialized medical professionals. The i360 Medi-Pharma™ Life products will be safe pre- and post hospitalisation, to ensure you are protected during your entire hospital admission period.

All the Health Cover plans will include unlimited hospital cover benefits. The i360 Health Protector Plan offers an option of added acute hospitalisation cover in the case of medical emergencies presented in the table below . The different levels offer the benefit of additional i360 Medi-Pharma™ Life products monthly on top of the inclusive i360 Medi-Rx™ that is provided as standard in the health recovery program.


If the entire family joins they will qualify for 20% discount on monthly premiums.

The i360 Medi-Pharma™ that will form part of the available products to choose from are as follows:

  • RSpi - i360 Liver Longer™ (Liver and Kidney Protector)

  • RSpi - i360 Pro V Guard™ (Immune Modulator & Everyday Protector)

  • RSpi - i360 Diabetic Protector™ (Diabetes Management)

  • RSpi - i360 3 Way Fat Away™ (Weight Management)

  • RSpi - i360 Thyro Protector™ (Thyroid & Metabolic Management)

  • RSpi - i360 Infant and Baby™ (Infant and Baby Nutrition)

RSpi™ - RS Pharmaceutical Innovations

We keep on expanding and adding new RSpi™ i360 Pharma Innovation™ products to optimise our i360 Healthcare™ Solutions.


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