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The program offers early detection of possible health risks. The i360 Health™ Protector Plan identifies these risks and prescribes interventions early on. As the member progresses through the program, it will continue to diagnose and prescribe preventative health guidelines all year round - helping members to improve and maintain optimum health. It will have a continuous online presence through a dedicated i360.online website and personalized i360 Life™ mobile App to each registered member. It will help solve the confusion about how to manage their health so many people experience today. It includes hospital cover when needed, with different levels of benefits depending on the i360 Life Status™ (i360 Health-Q) level.

The fully interactive electronic membership Card - the i360 Life-Card™  will be a real-time connected and dedicated personal & health information card that also allows money transfers and rewards programs in a secure private cloud IT system. This card will also include a funeral assistance plan in future,  i360 Life-Funeral™


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